Secure & Confidential Mail & File Storage

  • Only the owner can access the encrypted storage and mail.

  • Client side encryption for maximum security.

  • Hosted in Switzerland.

  • IOS, Android, Linux, OS X and Windows clients.

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You can learn more about our encryption services or visit our security knowledge center.


  • Our Secure Mail service offers mail encryption with full PGP support and public key export/import.

  • Advanced Contact management helps you to easily organize your contacts and send group messages. Contacts are shared between aliases.

  • The File Storage cloud storage service creates an encrypted local storage that is synchronized with our server to be available on mobile. Everything is encrypted and available on the go.

  • Our Password Safe service is a password manager that uses your encrypted online storage to make your passwords safely available on your supported devices.

  • Your data is encrypted everywhere - both locally and in the cloud.

  • Client side encryption ensures that only you can access your data. The key and your password are always stored on your devices.

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Our Basic package is free, providing use all functions as well as 50 megabytes of storage. If you run out of space, you can always subscribe to our paid services.

Our free service contains free 50Mb of storage. If the user surpasses 50Mb, functions like uploading more content or sending mails are not available.

You can get more free space through our referral program. If you invite others to our service, we will give you more free space after each successful registration.