The Most Important Features

  • Encrypted file and mail storage,
  • Encrypted mail sending,
  • Import/export public keys to send encrypted messages,
  • Secondary image authentication to make your account more secure,
  • Mobile authentication if you need an additional layer of security,
  • The file storage is accessible from the mail function to attach files,
  • File sharing between members,
  • Advanced contact management, easy group mail sending to up to 15 recipients,
  • Email import from your old mailbox,
  • You can use your own domain name and configure multiple e-mail addresses for your domain,
  • Mobile and PC applications to access, upload and synchronize your files and mails. Visit our download page.
  • A data center located in Switzerland,
  • Multi-user packages with built in administrator account.
  • Capability of receiving encrypted mail from anybody. Learn more.
  • You can use text messages to deliver one time passwords to recipients to open encrypted mails,



You can access the IOS version directly from your device or you can open it in iTunes.

Google Android

The app is available in Google Play also. Direct link: Confidesk for Android devices.
Get it on Google Play

PC/Mac Program

The application has two main functions.
The File storage creates an encrypted local drive which is synchronized with your web storage. Please note that it is restricted to the size included in your subscription.
The Mail client works as a normal email client. It downloads your mails to your computer for offline reading. It also handles your contacts and the public keys associated with them.
Supported operating systems are Mac, Windows, Linux.

You can download them from our download page.

Don't Hesitate!

Join Now

Our Basic package is free.* You can use all the functions and a 50 megabytes storage. If you run out of space, you can subscribe to our paid services.

*The free service contains a free 50Mb storage. If the user uses more than 50Mb, functions like uploading more content or sending mails are not available.

You Should Know:

  • We don't know your password, we can't change your password, and we can't give you new password if you forget it, but you can change your password, if you know the current one
  • If you forget your password, nobody will be able to access the content of your mails and files, not even you. After a few thousand years of guessing and hard work, it is possible perhaps. We don't believe you can wait that long.