Advantages of client side encryption

You can create 5 aliases as part of your web based account for client side encryption at Confidesk. This allows you to maintain multiple Confidesk accounts under one subscription. These aliases can be used for client side encryption (CSE) only. These are extensions of your existing account, but available only from those devices on which the private key of the given alias is stored. When you use these aliases, your password never leaves your devices. The encryption/decryption process always happens on the device. We can help you to create your own private key pair, or you can import your own keys. A key can be stored on multiple devices or even on an SD card. Therefore an alias can be accessed from multiple devices.

Synchronization of data

Even if you have local encryption only, you can still access your data on multiple devices. All of your data is synchronized to your cloud storage. In order to access your data you only need to have your private key on each of your devices.

Transferring the key

We help you to copy your key to your devices. You can find a simple key transfer function in each of our client programs. This creates an encrypted temporary storage on our server. Your private key is copied there, and can then be copied to your other device. You don't need to use our service, of course. You should know, that in case of IOS devices, the only other way to copy your key is to use iTunes. Read more

Shared Subscription

Your CSE aliases share the subscription package of your web-based account. This means that the used space is the sum of the used space of your main account and aliases, and you only need to buy one subscription.

Shared Contacts

All of your accounts in one subscription use the same Contacts database. If you add a contact using an alias account, the contact will be available for the other aliases as well as the web based account also, and vice versa.

Shared Domain

If you have your own domain, you can use it for your aliases also. This must be set up using the web account. Read more

Centralized configuration

Your CSE accounts settings are stored on our servers, which means that if you configure something in one device the same setting will be applied on all your devices. For example if you create a signature on your PC it will be available on your mobile, If you configure an out of office message on your tablet it will also be applied on your PC.