VPN server features

The server is a fully functional, multi user mail, file and proxy server. It automatically configures unique VPN encryption during initial configuration and creates its own SSL/TLS encrpytion to protect your communication.
Configuration needs only a few minutes and takes only 5-6 steps depending on your server version: configuring encryption and administration password, setting up domain name, adding your first user and generating the unique encryption key.
The hardware configuration takes longer time due to limited CPU resources to calculate the necessary encryption keys.


The server has a built-in mail server, which is configured based on the details you provide during the initial configuration. You can access this mail server by using a browser or an email program, like Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail. The webmail has a mandatory secondary authentication, Google Authenticator, to provide maximum security. Unlimited number of users and email addresses can be added. A few domain is provided that can be used with subdomains for email, and you can also use your own domain. It is even possible to use your domain for mail on your server, while you can use it for your web site on an other server. There is an optional secondary mail server that you can use, it only keeps your messages for 14 days in case your server is not available, however this function should only be used if you use our server box, it is unnecessary if you use our virtual solution.

File storage

The file storage function is similar to a NAS on your home network in case you have the server box. If you have a virtual server, it works very similarly to a cloud service, only it is your private cloud. It also supports multiple users and file sharing between users.


The built in anonymous proxy makes it possible to browse the internet privately if you use your server as a proxy. It cannot be used as torrent proxy, it is only a web proxy.

Built in security functions


The built-in firewall restricts the traffic towards your server. There are 4 configurations that you can choose based on what you need.


In its most secure configuration, all the services are available only inside a VPN network that is secured by your own unique keys. It is recommended to access everything only inside this VPN network, however to make using email easier, it is possible to allow POP/IMAP access or a built in webmail interface.


All the web and email traffics are encrypted using your own unique SSL keys which are made automatically.

Encrypted communication

VPN and SSL/TLS automatically make all your email and file transfer encrypted. If you send a message to an other user who uses our servers, the communication is automatically secured and private. Only you can access the data.

Spam filter

The server has a built-in spam filter which marks all SPAM messages so your email program can put them into a Junk folder, and it automatically updates its spam database once a day.