Mobile Applications

The mobile apps are designed for online access only. They do not store data on mobile devices, however they can access and manage all the files, mails and password manager databases stored on the servers. Most of the configuration options are not available on mobile and it is not possible to import/export public keys. They have different interfaces for smaller (phone and small tablets) and bigger (full size tablets) screens.


You can access the IOS version directly from your device or you can open it in iTunes.

Google Android

The app is available in Google Play also. Direct link: Confidesk for Android devices.
Get it on Google Play

Desktop Applications

Our PC program has virtually all of the functions that are available on our web service.
The File storage creates an encrypted local drive that is synchronized with your web storage. Please note that it is restricted to the size included in your subscription.
The Mail client works as a normal email client. It downloads your mail to your computer for offline reading. It also handles your contacts and the public keys associated with them.
The Password Manager keeps your passwords and other sensitive data safe on your local Confidesk Drive and on our servers.

Windows version

Supported versions are Windows 7 or later.
Download version 2.3.5

OS X version

Download version 2.3.7