How to log in to a CSE alias account?

If you are using client side encryption keep in mind that a few things will function a bit differently.

  • Unlike with a web account, the encryption/decryption process happens on your device. Therefore you will need one of our apps to use a CSE account.
  • Your private key must be available on the device and it needs to be accessible to our app, as it is required for the encryption/decryption process.
  • Your data is accessible only by our apps, and only on/from the devices which have access to your private key.
To log in to your CSE account, you will need to use the following:
  • Username: this is your alias user name. The system will recognize your private key, so it will log you in to the right account.
  • Password: this must be the password of the private key.
  • Your private key: click on the “log in with key” button.
    • a) This opens a browsing windows on Android and PC/Mac to browse and select the private key of the account.
    • b) It shows you the available private keys stored on your device in the case of iPhone or iPad.
  • Once the key is selected, the app logs you in to the associated CSE account.