Limitations of CSE accounts

Authentication in case of CSE accounts

If you have CSE accounts, your authentication happens locally using your own key. If it is successful, our program accesses our servers and checks your account details and settings and applies them locally. Your password and key never leave your device.

Changing the password

Please note that if you copy the keys to multiple devices and you want to change the password of the key, you need to do so on all the devices. Please also note that the password doesn't protect your data; it protects your key. This means that if you change the password of the key on your phone, the key with the original password on your PC can still decrypt your encrypted data.

Shared notification mail and mobile

Your mobile number and notification mail address used for registration is used in all your aliases automatically for notification.

Lost key = lost access

If you loose an alias’s private key you will loose access to your alias. The key is the only thing that can open the alias account.

No File sharing

File sharing is not currently available for CSE aliases