Transferring Your Private Key Between Devices



The only way to upload your private key to your iPhone or iPad manually is to use iTunes. Connect your device to iTunes, select it, choose the “apps” menu, and scroll down and select the Confidesk app. Find your private key in your file manager and drag and drop the key into the file area. Apply the changes. Your private key is now available on your IOS device; you will be able to use it to log in to your CSE account.

PC/Mac Program or Android Phone

We recommend using a dedicated flash drive and connecting it to your devices when logging into your CSE account. If you feel that your device is sufficiently protected you may simply copy your private keys to the device's file system. Please be very careful, do not use cloud file services to transfer your key. Most providers' services are not secure enough for this purpose. The most secure option is always hardware, not the Internet.

Using Our Function

You can use our service to transfer your key from device to device. The process is the same for all our apps.
In order to prevent accidental key sharing, only authenticated users can use the key sharing function.

  • Log in to a CSE account to share its key.
  • Once the process has been started you only have only 15 minutes to finish the transfer.
  • You can find a "share key" function in settings.
  • Select it. It will show you a temporary password along with your user name. Please save this information somewhere; you will need it to download the key.
  • The key is copied to our servers' memory for 15 minutes.
  • On the target device, you need to log in with the previously shown user name and password.
  • If you use the right user name and password, the app will ask you to save the key or, in case of IOS devices, it will save it to the app’s protected storage.
  • You can now use the CSE account on this device using the downloaded private key.