How to Share Your Domain on Confidesk Webmail

Our system allows multiple users to use the same domain name. The user who adds the domain will act as the domain owner. He or she can then allow other users to use the name. The process has 3 simple steps.


The domain must be fully configured in our system. For more information see the connecting how-to.

Step One: Requesting alias from owner

This step must be completed by the individual seeking to use the domain in his account.

  • Go to Account Menu. Choose “mail settings” and scroll down to the "domain and mail alias" section.
  • In the email alias section, click on “add.” Create the alias mail address by using the full email address (wantedaddress@customdomain).
  • The alias will appear in the list waiting for approval.

Step Two: Approval by the domain owner

  • The alias appears in the domain owner's account in the "emails to approve" section.
  • Domain owner approves the request.
  • Once the request is approved, the other person can use the alias in his account.

Step Three: Requester sets up alias as the primary address

  • When the domain is approved, its status changes to "confirmed” in the alias list.
  • Click on “set as primary.” The domain is now configured as the primary mail address of the account.