The only difference between a basic account and a paid subscription is the size of storage.

You will still be able to receive mails and access data kept on our servers. However, you will not be able to upload files or send mail. We call this a read only account.

Should you lose your password there is no way to recover it.

Only the necessary system logs. All of your mail, files, contacts, and settings are deleted automatically.

Your account may be deleted after six months of inactivity. If your account is active it will remain open until you choose to close it.

We only store the data that you provide at registration. We are also required to keep a system log of server activity. We do not store your login dates, how long you use the service and we do not collect location or any other information on your mobile or PC or OS app. In short we only keep what the law tells us to keep.

As long as a mail is unread it will appear in the unread folder. The unread folder is a virtual one. While it shows you all of the mails you haven’t read, all of your unread mails are actually stored in their original folder.

No. It is not possible to recover files once the trash has been emptied.

Our service is not compatible with POP or IMAP.

Only users using their own domain can create aliases. If you have your own domain configured, and you still can't add aliases, please contact support.