Our service has three main components: Mail, Storage and Safe. Mail is a secure mail service with enhanced contact management. Storage is a cloud file storage that extends with an offline storage created on local machines by our Linux, Mac or Windows program. Safe is a password manager.


  • Own key pair import,
  • Public key export/import.

Client side encryption

  • Client side data encryption,
  • Your password never leaves your device,
  • Easy key transfer between devices.


  • Encrypted mail storage,
  • Encrypted mail sending,
  • Multi-user account.


  • Advanced contact management,
  • Ability to send group messages to up to 25 contacts,
  • Easy contact group creation.


  • Encrypted file storage,
  • File sharing between members,
  • Synchronization between all supported platforms.


  • Pre-defined categories,
  • Multiple databases,
  • Synchronization between all supported platforms.

Own domain

  • Own domain configuration,
  • Up to five aliases with the same domain in the primary account,
  • Domain share with other accounts (an entire team can use the same domain while each individual team member still maintains his or her own mailbox).

Other features

  • Secondary image authentication to enhance account security,
  • Mobile authentication provides an additional layer of security,
  • File storage accessible from the mail function to attach files,
  • Mobile and PC applications to access, upload and synchronize your files and mail.
  • A data center located in Switzerland,
  • Multi-user packages with built in administrator account.
  • Capability of receiving encrypted mail from anybody.
  • Use text messages to deliver one-time passwords to provide recipients with access to encrypted mails.

You Should Know:

  • We don't know your password, we can't change your password, and we can't give you new password should you forget your password. You may change your password but only if you know your current password.
  • If you forget your password nobody will be able to access the content of your mails and files, not even you. After a few thousand years of guessing and hard work, it is perhaps possible. However, we’re guessing that you probably can’t wait that long.